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Flower Arrangements

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Some of us like to grow roses for walking in the garden and enjoying their beauty and their fragrance.  Others like to bring their stars to competition.
Cutting roses and bringing them indoor brings another satisfaction, starting with the pleasure of choosing the best vase for the type of roses we want to arrange, then preparing the roses to show their best, and finally enjoying the sight and fragrance for days.
Let's explain how we can do it. This article won't give you rules or guidelines for competition, but only some common sense tips for getting good home arrangements.

1. The vase.
   Sometimes a single rose will do the job, sometimes we have half a dozen and we may have two dozens or even more.
   Also, some of our cuttings may have short stems, others are happy to show long stems with leaves.
   Depending on all these criteria, we'll have to choose the most adequate vase, low and fat if we have short stems,                  much higher for long stems, and thin if we have only a rose or two.
   The shape and the color of the vase should support the blooms and not distract from them.

2. The cutting.
   This step is kind of crucial, as it will determine how long your stems will delight you.
    Some recommend cutting the roses in early morning, when the flowers are at their best to respond positively to clipping        and arranging.
    Then, you'll have to do a second cutting of each stem in a sink, under a constant flow of water. Also, you'll have to cut          with a sharp knife or cutter, with an angle of 45ยบ in order to avoid crushing the stem. Why is that?  Only because the              cutting tends to cause a breakdown of the stem vascular structure and you want to minimize the damage.
    Also, you may want to add a floral preservative in the vase water, for retarding any bacterial growth.

2. Arranging the blooms with a match of compatible colors.

3. Enjoying

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