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Jacksonville Rose Society mission statement

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As stated in its Charter, the purpose of the Jacksonville Rose Society is to encourage the study and culture of old and modern roses and to encourage the planting of roses for community beautification.

The Jacksonville Rose Society (JRS) is an educational and not for profit organization dedicated to the cultivation, propagation and enjoyment of roses in Northeast Florida.

The JRS is affiliated to the American Rose Society, a national organization with headquarters at:
American Rose Society
P.O. Box 30000
Shreveport, LA 71130.

To accomplish its mission, the JRS provides its members with a wide array of services including educational programs, field trips, tutorials, a monthly newsletter, a website and the help of consulting rosarians.

Additionally, JRS sponsors the annual Jacksonville Rose Show.

                        JRS Charter (PDF file)                                               JRS BY-LAWS  (PDF file)

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